Back to School

In celebration of back to school, I thought I'd share a project with you that my family created for the school Basket Bingo fundraiser last year. The theme we were assigned was Crayola. Inside the crayon box is a tote full of wonderful Crayola crayons, coloring books, projects, and more. One lucky winner would get to take the entire box home.

I should also mention that we stepped up to work on this project at the last minute because the original person was unable to decorate the tote....so here is what we came up with at the last minute (ok, the night before) it was due.

Hope you enjoy! We were very happy with how it turned out.


The Entitlement Trap

It's amazing to see the entitlement that has found it's way into our culture today. I am hoping to find ways to keep this quality OUT of my children and I am excitedly waiting the arrival of my pre-ordered book, The Entitlement Trap by Richard and Linda Eyre.

Help us get this book on the Best Seller List and pre-order your copy today!!

The Power of Moms is even hosting a contest and you could win tickets to their September retreat!! That is something you don't want to miss.



Molly Saves! In The Closet:e-digest review

I have to say that an organizing digest that tells me when National Smore's Day falls must be amazing! I will definitely be celebrating that day! - Check out the calendar for other fun days to celebrate.

That's not all that you'll find in this issue of Molly Saves! Closet organization is one of my favorite things to do when I'm on a cleaning spree...when I find free time. (Just because I can't find much free time doesn't mean I don't LOVE to organize.)

Here are some of my favorites this month:

* A closet made over into an office for an amazingly reasonable price. What a great idea for a small space.
* Homemade ice cream recipe.
* and LOTS of great tips for clothes shopping on a budget!

If you aren't already a subscriber, you can buy this amazing digest here.


Note: I wasn’t paid to write this review, but received a complimentary copy of the digest in order to give you my honest opinion of it.