Kid Comments

Recording the funny, thoughtful and thought-provoking things my kids say:

Chica (10) ran to the store with her dad and brought home a coloring page for her sick sister to color. On her way into the house, it was pouring down rain! "I got you a coloring page, but it got a little Washington all over it!"


Setting: Sitting on the front porch swing with my daughters, ages 8 (aka Chica) and 5 (aka Monkey), enjoying the summer sunshine.

Me: Well girls, we need to go over some rules for the summer so that you guys don’t just sit around all summer and drive daddy crazy while I’m at work.

Chica, 8: What?!

Me: Yup. Rule one – no more than 2 hours of TV per day.

Monkey, 5: What if there is a movie on that we want to watch that is longer than 2 hours?

Me: Well, I guess it depends on if it is a special occasion. We’ll have to decide when that happens.

Monkey, 5: Or, I can just use my blinky eyes on daddy and he’ll let us. (Demonstrates her head tilt and eyelash batting technique.)

Me (thinking to self): OMG! I am really going to lose this round. I wonder if she’ll end up using her power for good or evil when she’s older?


Chica, 8: "We need to have a family meeting. This family needs to be more green. I will be issuing "Being Green Reminders". Dad, you need to turn off the TV when you're not watching it. Monkey, you need to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Mom, you're doing a great job! Keep up the good work! "

10 minutes later...."Mom, you should have printed on both sides of this paper."

~ She is such an awesome kid!! At least with her on the case, we might save a little money bring green :) However, when it comes to playing in the sprinkler...somehow, conserving water isn't as important to her ;) ~


Dad: We're having macaroni for dinner tonight. Sorry it's nothing fancy.

Chica, 8: It's ok. We're not fancy people. (Using her best English accent and her pinky in the air) Fancy people talk like this!


Working to convince me that to drive to her field trip with her friends' mom so that she and her friend can ride home together, Chica uses a 3rd grade guilt trip on me..."Mom, you have to carpool! You want to save the earth, don't you?!"