Power of Moms

There is so much going on over at the Power of Moms. I've gotten myself involved in many aspects of this amazing site. See for yourself...


Learning Circle ~ I've set up a local group for moms and we meet monthly to discuss a new topic and article each month and share ideas,  inspiration and support. I am so thankful to have found a great format for setting up a Mom Night Out each month. You can set up your own group as well!!  Learn more here.

Mind Organization for Moms ~ I had already been using the "Getting Things Done" system by David Allen when I learned about Mind Organization for Moms. This wonderful GTD system has been adjusted slightly and works perfectly to help moms find more organization and time in their lives. No only do I use the system, I will shortly be setting up group and individual training sessions. If you want to read about it and get the electronic version, here's the button....but be sure to stop back by if you'd like to attend a hands on training or have some individualized assistance in your home!

Power of Moms Retreats ~ I am so excited to be attending the April retreat and learning more about this amazing group.


1-day Local Workshops: 1 day, 3-4 topics (includes lunch)

Possible topics include:
·         Taking Care of the Person Inside the Mom (physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, etc)
·         Family Systems that Work (Helping kids choose positive behavior, family division of labor and resources, family traditions and identity)
·         Being Enough: How to enjoy progress and contentment at the same time
·         Effective Parenting with our Husbands
·         Three Steps to a Strong Family (family economy, family rules, family identity)
·         Picking your Priorities (deciding what to pursue and what to have your children pursue in a world of so many enticing options)

Check back often for more update! ~