Why Me, Why Now?

There are many reasons to start this blog. They seem endless to me, but below are the top three:

1) I really want to be a writer/editor on a freelance basis and have done a little of each. My husband is an amazing support system for me and keeps telling me to just get going with it already. Sounds like he's tired of hearing me talk about it all the time. Oh, and there is that BA degree in English that I'd like to put to use.

2) I've read every book by my new favorite author, Jen Lancaster, and she gives me hope and a drive to get back to my writing. So sad that I missed her book signing the other day.

3) After reading a blog I recently ran across, it gave me inspiration that maybe if I have someone or something to be accountable to, I might do better on my quest to lose weight permanently - you know, kill two birds with one stone kind of thing. (More, much more, to come on this topic.)

So, here we go. Wish me luck.

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