Soccer Mom "Me Time"

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a soccer mom in a working mom body. I absolutely love being a mom and I highly admire moms that stay-at-home to raise their kids. It is by far the hardest job in the world. At home, your “team” doesn’t always speak in clear sentences and their desktops are covered in drool and sticky finger prints. However, it is by far the most rewarding work of all. Besides, I’m sure there are some pretty strict rules against all of that hugging and kissing at the office, no?

Working outside the home, for me, is the sort of break that many moms don’t get. However, it’s not the kind of “me time” break that my family sometimes thinks it is. It’s brain work and is not a relaxing break.

All moms, and dads for that matter, need some “me time.” Since I’m not always able to find much of it, I try to adjust little things in my life to trick myself into thinking I’ve gotten a little “me time”.

• Since I have a long commute, I typically keep this as my quiet time. There’s not much quiet when I get home, so this is my chance to think through the million thoughts that are running through my head. Typically, I don’t have time to think about them at work - because I’m working - and I might have actual "think time" at home, but I can’t hear my thoughts over the kids, dogs, tv, phone, sports shuttling and visitors. While I absolutely LOVE music, the only time I turn it on in the car is when I am so tired that I need it to keep me awake. This tends to happen more during the morning commute than the afternoon commute.
• I read. This would be considered “bite size me time”. I can read a little at a time while the kids are running around outside or playing nicely together...What? It happens! I typically read at commercial breaks in the evening when hubby and I watch TV as well. My typical reads – self-help books. I am constantly looking for ways to improve and simplify my life, thoughts and surroundings.
• Friends. Obviously it’s not good to keep your nose in a computer all day, every day, but Facebook has been a life saver in keeping me sane. I’m able to keep in touch with all of my wonderful friends from high school and college that are too far away or that I just haven’t seen in a while. Plus, I adore all the family pictures.
• Meditation. I listen to guided meditations on my iPod while I’m falling asleep. Some are for deep rest, some for stress and some to just relax. There are many on iTunes that are free and have made a world of difference to me.

The rest of my "me time" will be spent watching my girls play soccer or present songs, dances, and skits that they have created...and really, that is one of the best ways to spend my time.

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