I Am

I am:
• a 31-year-old mom to two girls, ages 9 and 6
• madly in love with my husband
• nowhere near perfect
• a planner and chronic list maker
• a full-time working professional
• an avid reader (especially of self-help books)
• constantly working to learn and grow
• a freelance editor
• trying to be a good role model for my girls
• working toward simplified balance
• PTA and school volunteer
• an Excel nerd
• a quote junkie
• addicted to rearranging the furniture in my house
• learning to meditate
• a horrible singer
• the family photographer
• the family accountant
• not the family cook
• not a beer drinker
• told that I am overly optimistic & perky
• a camper
• too often impatient
• a control freak
• completely OCD about some things and totally laid back about others
• frugal
• addicted to Greys Anatomy and Jen Lancaster books
• accepting that I am no longer 20-10 years old
• unable to completely relax
• still a princess, according to my dad.

~Borrowing format from another blogger on Real World Venus vs. Mars.~

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