Mom's Mind Monday

Typically, as a mom, I know that the decisions I make for my kids are the right ones(at least for us). However, I am stumped on this one. I have no way of knowing for sure if I am making the right decision...and everyone has a different answer and opinion.

On my mind today is the H1N1 vaccination that my daughters will be getting tomorrow. I'm not sure if reading all of news about the vaccine has helped me make a more informed decision or freaked me out. Most likely, it's a little of both. In the end, my husband and I decided to have the girls get the vaccine. Crossing our fingers that they don't have to endure any type of flu this season, especially this one.


  1. I had a hard time with that decision too. What was even worse was when Bug called me crying because she was scared to get the shot that day. I couldn't be there with her because of work, I felt absolutely horrible! I spent the whole day wondering if I made the right decision..
    It's tough being a mama!!

  2. Domestically DisabledDecember 6, 2009 at 6:27 PM

    Yes, Hubby met the girls at school since their shots were at school (and I had to work as well). They did so great and I think it was the right decision...though a very tough one.
    Thanks for the comment!